Talk about addictive.   Just try to listen to a few of these, and not find yourself looking for more.
LaTasha Lee

LaTasha Lee started out as a singer, and recently wrapped a band around her music.   A modern spin on an older sound with a real world flavor.   I look forward to seeing her music and style mature.

I found this band looking through a list of “Best New Music in Austin, TX”.   Amazingly, I think she was somewhere near the middle of the list.  As an added bonus, her music is available in lossless formats through Bandcamp

Get Away

I Hear You Knockin

All mixed up.

Take Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Marvin Gaye, and Aretha Franklin, and throw them together in a song called “Ms. Fat Booty“? Release the song on the internet, with a “pay what you want” model?    And offer high quality FLAC downloads?   Unheard of.   Until now.

Gazaway, as a producer and DJ, seems to be pushing the envelope in all directions.   With delicious results.


Inner City Travellin’ Man

I Want You Till The Summer Time

Been following them since seeing a sidewalk performance video in 2012.  Fascinating to see them mature and change – from appearance to presentation to music. Enjoyed Fun Machine, and am looking forward to unwrapping their newest, Bad Self Portraits. Feels like the smoothness of a cappella blended with the funk of a jazz beat wrapped around popular melodies.


Lake Street Dive – I Want You Back

Lake Street Dive – Rich Girl